Balkantinnitus /// Baltic Balkan


Europe is rusty and dusty, but not dead yet. A few months ago, we met these crazy mp3punkers from Vilnius, Lithuania.

Artwork: Baltic Balkan

If you’re looking for traditional virtuoso balkan melodies, forget about them. Linus, Linus and Marius are the kind of guys that nobody invited, who change the playlist on your expensive laptop and start a huge mess in your parents’ living-room. And everybody loves them and you’re simply jealous.

Their combination of DJing, MCing, drinking and live percussion is clearly made for parties and festivals. Since a few years, they started a collaboration with French DJs and producers Little Tune and Tactical Groove Orbit, resulting in nice tours and fresh remixes. This Balkantinnitus EP also features a collab with Fanfara Transilvania (Ro) and a Dubioza Kolektiv (BiH) remix.

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