Meecztow Resurrection (Flying Pooh Covers) /// Various artists


Two 2015 covers of Flying Pooh’s classic “MEECZTOW REVOLUTION” from their LP “VIVA SAN ANTONIO” (2001). This incredible cartoon-core band from France has heavily influenced a lot of underground artists with their fusion approach, adding melodic synths to a heavy metal line-up.

Artwork : Cromwell

On their debut LP “Viva San Antonio!”, sixth track “Meecztow Revolution” was a perfect anthem for punks and metal headbangers appealed by ethnic elements such as this eastern-oriented accordion.

Today, French producers Rafael Aragon and Boris Viande wanted to celebrate Flying Pooh’s work with two covers, in a turbo-cumbia 160 BPM mood for Rafael, and in a 85 BPM eastern zouk for Boris.

Grab it for free! #yourenotpedroalmodovar
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